The 17th International Conference on Thermochronology will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA at the Eldorado Resort. It is the primary international meeting dedicated to thermochronology, and will focus on the theory, practice, application, and quantitative interpretation of fission track, noble gas, and other thermochronologic methods.

The aim of this meeting is to present and discuss the latest cutting-edge research, innovations, novel directions, challenges, and to facilitate the exchange of ideas among the international thermochronology community. It will be a forum to discuss critical aspects and hurdles of thermochronometic methodologies and their application in the geosciences and related fields. Particular emphasis will be placed on future directions in thermochronometry, including analytical methodologies, best practices, data handling, and numerical modeling.

International Conferences on Thermochronology

This bi-annual conference has evolved over the past few decades via the coalescence of the International Workshops on Fission Track Thermchronology, held since 1978, and the European Workshops on Thermochronology. It has become the premier forum for thermochronology practitioners and users to discuss fundamental and methodological topics and opportunities related to their science and its future. Each conference is independently organized, and a Standing Committee consisting of past organizers and other community members helps to ensure their continuation into the future.

Past & Future Conferences

2023 18th International Conference on Thermochronology, Riva del Garda, Italy
2021 17th International Conference on Thermochronology, Santa Fe, USA
2018 16th International Conference on Thermochronology, Quedlinburg, Germany
2016 15th International Conference on Thermochronology, Maresias, Brazil
2014 14th International Conference on Thermochronology, Chamonix-Mont Blanc, France
2012 13th International Conference on Thermochronology, Guilin, China
2010 12th International Conference on Thermochronology, Glasgow, U.K.
2008 11th International Conference on Thermochronology, Anchorage, USA
2006  European Workshop on Thermochronology, Bremen, Germany
2004 10th International Workshop on Fission Track Thermochronology, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2002 European Workshop on fission track analysis: Theory and Applications, Cadiz, Spain
2000 9th International Workshop on Fission Track Thermochronology, Lorne, Australia
1996 8th International Workshop on Fission Track Thermochronology, Ghent, Belgium
1992 7th International Workshop on Fission Track Thermochronology, Philadelphia, USA
1988 6th International Fission Track Dating Workshop, Besançon, France
1986 5th International Fission Track Dating Workshop, 6th ICOG, Cambridge, UK
1984 4th International Fission Track Dating Workshop, Troy, USA
1982 3rd International Fission Track Dating Workshop, 5th  ICOG, Nikko, Japan
1980 2nd Fission Track Dating Workshop, Pisa, Italy
1978 Fission Track Dating Workshop, 4th ICOG, Aspen, USA