Thermo2021 Live

We will be sharing many presentations from Thermo2021 live, via Zoom. In particular, all invited presentations that are being contributed remotely via Zoom will be available for anyone with the link on this page to watch, and even ask questions. We will also be showing some live events at the conference, notably award citations and presentations. Note that the times listed here are local to the meeting (MT (Mountain Time), UTC-07:00); to find the corresponding time you need to log in, you can click on the link for each which takes you to the full abstract, and shows your local time. Also, there is always the possibility that the meeting will be running a little late, so actual times may be a little later than listed.

To log in to view the talks, click this Zoom link. Please try to only use it when there is a presentation. It is possible that the link will need to change during the course of the conference; if you are having trouble, return to this page to make sure you have the correct one.

Invited remote talks and presentations being broadcast

Time (MT)Presenter AffiliationTitle
Mon 08:05Cécile GautheronUniversity Paris-Saclay, CNRSThe contribution of multi-method, multi-scale theoretical study of He in minerals to the (U-Th)/He thermochronology
Mon 13:20Claire AnsberqueUniversity College DublinUsing LA-Q-ICP-MS elemental imaging for apatite fission-track and U-Pb dating
Mon 14:05 Sean JonesUniversity of MelbourneDevelopment of monazite as a new ultra-low temperature fission track Thermochronometer
Mon 16:30Laslett Award Presentation
Tue 08:05Sumiko TsukamotoLeibniz Institute for Applied GeophysicsDirect dating of fault gouge using luminescence and electron spin resonance (ESR)
Tue 11:00Robert M. HolderUniversity of MichiganInterpreting titanite U–Pb dates and Zr thermometry in high-grade rocks: Empirical estimates of elemental diffusivities
Tue 13:50Robert McDermottUSGS Alaska Science CenterUnraveling overprinting thermal signatures of alteration, deformation, and exhumation in fault rocks with numerical modeling: an example from the hematite (U-Th)/He system
Thu 08:00Dodson Award Presentation
Thu 09:00Announcement of Thermo2023 (Italy)
Thu 09:15Mauricio ParraUniversity of São PauloUsing detrital thermochronometry of modern fluvial sediment to infer bedrock thermal histories and denudation rates.  Examples from the northern Andes
Thu 13:20Murat TamerUniversity of TexasVariability of track selection approaches and progress for a new etching protocol for apatite-fission tracks
Thu 14:20Charles and Nancy Naeser Award Presentation
Thu 14:30William GuenthnerUniversity of Illinois at Urbana ChampaignAn appraisal of zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronology for deep-time (>1 Ga) thermal histories: Progress and remaining challenges
Thu 16:00Fabian KohlmannLithodat Pty. Ltd.LithoSurfer – a new community platform for storing, viewing, analysing, sharing and publishing thermochronology and geochronology data
Thu 17:00Announcement of Thermo2025 (Japan)
Fri 08:50Audrey MargirierInstitut für Geowissenschaften, Universität PotsdamMiocene cooling and exhumation of the magmatic arc of Ecuador driven by subduction of the Carnegie Ridge