Virtual Thermo2020

Starting in the fall of 2020, the Organizing Committee for the Thermo2020/2021 meeting began hosting an interim virtual talk and discussion series to promote early career scientists and students, and provide opportunities to share our science. Visit this page to see announcements of upcoming talks and discussions.

Talks, abstracts, and chats from previous sessions are available in our virtual meeting archive.

To receive invitations to attend the virtual events, please preregister for the conference. There is no cost or obligation. Links for participating via Zoom will be emailed ~1 week prior to the sessions.

Talk and discussion events will be ~one hour long, and held at times to allow participation in two of three geographical regions (Americas, Asia/Pacific, Europe) simultaneously. Events will be recorded and posted here for those unable to attend. Final titles, abstracts, and discussion summaries will be uploaded ~1 week before sessions.

Session 7: Tuesday April 27, 10:00 AM (CDT); 5:00 PM (CET)

Name Institution Title Video/Chat
Nicolás Pérez-ConsuegraSyracuse UniversityLate Miocene–Pliocene onset of fluvial incision of the Cauca River Canyon in the Northern AndesVideo
Megan Flansburg University of Texas at AustinCoeval Miocene exhumation of the Cycladic Basement and the Cycladic Blueschist Unit in the southern Cyclades (Ios and Sikinos Islands, Greece)Video
Peter E. Martin University of Colorado Evaluating (U-Th-Sm)/He data variability of the Durango apatite standard using a Monte Carlo error modeling approachVideo

Talks are 15 minutes, with 5-minute discussion periods afterward.  Questions and comments can be entered via chat during the talks, and via chat or live during the discussion periods. 

Discussions are intended to generate active dialogue and interchange on areas of interest to the thermochronology community.  Participants are encouraged to read the preparatory materials and come with questions, critiques, and ideas.  The format is a brief introduction followed by a moderated open floor.